The first for-profit social Crypto enterprise.

We've embedded a social impact into the heart of our business.

Employment creation is Bob's main priority. We offer asset finance across emerging markets to spur human potential. Bob challenges the status quo and provides underserved people a frictionless opportunity to purchase a Bob motorcycle, create a stable income and live life to the fullest. Our motto: Access equals opportunity!

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Make money helping others.

Bob Eco offers the first Social Cryptocurrency as an ICO-WA in the world. For the newbies: A ICO-WA (ICO With Assets) is a is a mid-ground between ICOs and STOs that combines the best features of each. Every Bobcoin is fully secured and Bound to verified assets. In our case each Bobcoin is linked to a piece of a electric motorcycle that brings opportunities to people in need and fights against pollution.

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Catch a glimpse of what we do and how we work by viewing photos. Our lookbook has it all.

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