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About the CEO.

CEO and Founder of Bob Eco.

Bob Ultee is the author and creator of the BoB Eco Programme, the BoB Community, and BoB entrepreneurial courses for independent BoB Boda Businesses. Bob is a dream master, multi-disciplinary professional investor and businessman. He was also a Finalist of the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year Election" and first entrepreneur who made a reverse listing on the EURONEXT (Dutch Stock Exchange) in 20 years.

His motto: "Good enough” isn't good enough!

Bob Ultee is the man on the BobCoin.

Inventor, diplomat, and Bob Eco's founding father Bob Ultee has been featured on the BobCoin since the beginning of 2021. The BobCoin Face entails a picture of CEO and Co-founder BoB Ultee himself smiling. There are thick lines used to define his facial features.

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