Bob makes battery swapping reality.

Revolutionary swapping service.

Bob Eco offers swapping stations, where within 30 seconds the battery of an Electric Bob vehicle can be swapped. The batteries are stored in the charging cabinet, where they are charged with a combination of renewable and regular energy. At the newest Bob charging cabinet and in combination with the Bob App, the whole process can be completed in a matter of seconds.

Mass Production of Bob Eco's Charging stations.

Bob Eco's charging cabinets are produced at the Factory in Hangzhou, China. Everything from body panel stamping to final quality testing takes place at the hangzhou Factory. Bob Eco also set environmental benchmarks for energy efficiency and emission levels.

Swap within Minutes!

Battery swaps are faster than refuelling, cost less than a tank of petrol, and take the driver further. Bob Eco's unique battery swapping system allows users to access batteries anywhere in the Bob network. Swaps are done within minutes. Bob Eco's swap managing networks optimizes battery distribution and lifespan by learning from live data analytics of battery locations, state of charge, and our charging station network.

Bob Eco's 45-second electric scooter battery swap.

The leader in battery swapping in emerging markets is expanding to developed countries with the Bob scooter. Bob Eco launched a Battery as a Service (BaaS) subscription model that lets Bob Riders deal with charging needs by simply having a fresh battery pack installed in a matter of seconds.


Catch a glimpse of what we do and how we work by viewing photos. Our lookbook has it all.

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